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adjective a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun. In the sentence, "It was a hard test," the word "hard" is an adjective.
audition to test by an audition. [1/3 definitions]
blockhouse a structure used to protect people who are working on or watching a rocket launch or weapons test. [1/2 definitions]
check a test or search to make sure that something is correct or in order. [1/11 definitions]
dare to challenge someone to do something as a test of courage. [1/3 definitions]
exam (informal) an examination, such as a test given at school or a physical checkup by a doctor.
examination a test of skill used to see how much a person knows or can do. [1/2 definitions]
examine to test by asking questions. [1/2 definitions]
experiment a carefully planned test used to discover something unknown. [1/2 definitions]
final the last test that students take in a school subject, which usually covers everything that was taught. [1/4 definitions]
flashcard any of a set of cards that have a words, numbers, or pictures on them and that are used to quickly test a student's memory for the information on the other side of the card.
guinea pig a small mammal with short legs and no tail. Guinea pigs are rodents closely related to chinchillas and porcupines. Some science laboratories use guinea pigs for research and to test new medicines. Wild guinea pigs live in South America. [2 definitions]
javelin a field event in which a javelin is thrown for distance as a test of strength and skill. [1/3 definitions]
mark1 a grade on a school paper or test. [1/9 definitions]
multiple-choice of a test or quiz, listing for each question several possible answers from which the correct one is to be chosen.
ordeal a painful, difficult experience, or test of one's character.
passing showing that one has passed a test, assignment, or course. [1/5 definitions]
plumb a small weight tied to a line. A plumb is used to measure the depth of water or to test if something is straight up and down. [2/5 definitions]
proof a test for truth or quality. [2/7 definitions]
quiz to question in order to test knowledge. [2/3 definitions]
riddle1 a puzzling, tricky, and often funny question asked as a game or as a test of one's thinking skills. [1/2 definitions]