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acknowledge to show thanks for. [1/3 definitions]
acknowledgment something done to express thanks or show appreciation. [1/2 definitions]
appreciation a feeling of thanks. [1/3 definitions]
grateful feeling thankful or showing thanks for kindness or something pleasing.
indebted owing money, thanks, or a favor to another person.
pat (someone) on the back (informal) to show praise or thanks by words or actions.
prayer1 a form of group worship that praises or gives thanks to God or some other holy thing. [1/3 definitions]
thankful feeling or showing thanks; grateful.
Thanksgiving a U.S. holiday held on the fourth Thursday in November. On Thanksgiving, Americans remember the good harvest of the Pilgrims in 1621 and show thanks for what they have now; Thanksgiving Day. [1/2 definitions]
thanks to let thanks be given to. [1/2 definitions]
tribute something given, done, or said to express respect or thanks.
welcome used as a polite answer to an expression of thanks. [1/8 definitions]