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a-1 a prefix that means "on," "at," "into," or "to."
a-2 a prefix that means "away," "from," or "off." [2 definitions]
abacus a device used for counting or calculating. An abacus has beads or other counters that slide along rods or in grooves.
abalone a large sea snail that has several shiny colors on the inside of its shell. Abalone are mollusks. People eat abalone meat and make decorations from the shells.
-able a suffix that means capable or worthy of being the object of a certain action. [3 definitions]
abroad in or to a country that is not one's own.
abscess a sore that forms within the tissues of the body and is filled with pus. Abscesses can be caused by an infection.
absorbent a material that soaks up liquid or moisture. [1/2 definitions]
absurd of, showing, or having to do with the belief that there is no meaning or order in life or in the universe. [1/2 definitions]
absurdity something that makes no sense or is not at all in the normal order of things. [1/2 definitions]
abuse to use in a way that is wrong or bad; misuse. [1/6 definitions]
abyss a vast pit, too deep to be measured.
acacia a tree that grows in tropical areas of the world, especially in parts of Africa and Australia. The branches of an acacia spread out very wide and evenly across the top. Sometimes the top of the tree looks almost flat.
academy a private school or a school that offers special training.
accelerator a mechanical device that controls the speed of something, especially the gas pedal of a car.
accent a way of speaking a language that is typical of people from a particular area. [1/5 definitions]
acceptance the act of accepting something that is given. [1/2 definitions]
accident reasons or causes that are not planned by anyone. [2 definitions]
accommodation a change that has been made to adapt a thing to someone's needs. [1/2 definitions]
accompaniment a part of a piece of music that supports or provides background for another, more important part. [2 definitions]
accomplishment something that has been successfully done or completed; an achievement. [1/2 definitions]