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balcony an upper floor with rows of seats that juts out into a theater or auditorium. [1/2 definitions]
bowl1 a round stadium or outdoor theater. [1/5 definitions]
box1 a section of a theater in which a small group of people sit to watch the show. [1/5 definitions]
cinema a movie theater. [1/2 definitions]
coliseum a large building or theater used for entertainment events and sports.
complex sentence a sentence made of a main or independent clause and one or more dependent or subordinate clauses. An example of a complex sentence is, "I went to the theater, which was very crowded with people."
curtain the curtain used to hide the stage in a theater. [1/4 definitions]
feature the main film in a movie theater. [1/4 definitions]
gallery an upper floor which opens over a theater or large hall; balcony. [1/2 definitions]
lobby a hall or open room inside the entrance of a hotel, theater, or other large building. It is often used as a waiting room. [1/3 definitions]
marquee a canopy or a covering like a roof over the entrance to a building. The marquee over a theater shows the title of the current play or film and sometimes the names of the actors.
movie (plural) a theater where motion pictures are shown. [1/2 definitions]
orchestra the space in front of and below the stage in a theater. The orchestra is where a group of musicians plays during an opera or play. [1/3 definitions]
prompt to assist by providing forgotten words in theater, radio, and television. [1/4 definitions]
row1 a line of seats in a theater, stadium, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
seat a space for someone in a theater or elsewhere. [1/6 definitions]
sketch a brief story or other composition performed as part of a series in a theater. [1/5 definitions]
stage the job of acting in the theater (used with "the"). [1/4 definitions]
usher a person who shows people to their seats in a house of worship, theater, or stadium. [1/2 definitions]
wardrobe a collection of clothes or costumes that is the property of one person or of a theater. [1/2 definitions]