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Buddha the title of the Indian religious leader and teacher who founded Buddhism.
championship the position or title of champion. [1/2 definitions]
chapter one of the main parts of a book. Chapters are usually numbered or given a title. [1/2 definitions]
commonwealth the official title of certain U.S. states and Puerto Rico. [1/2 definitions]
czar the title of male Russian rulers before 1917.
dame (capitalized) a title of honor given by a British king or queen to a woman who has done something important.
degrade to bring down from a higher to a lower rank or degree by taking away a position or title. [1/4 definitions]
degree a title given by a university or college to a student who has completed a program of study. [1/4 definitions]
duchess a woman who has title and power equal to those of a duke. [1/2 definitions]
entitle to give a title to; name. [1/2 definitions]
figurehead a person whose title sounds important but who has no real power. [1/2 definitions]
Hamlet the title character in one of Shakespeare's plays. Hamlet is a prince who avenges his father's death by slaying the murderer.
heading a word or group of words at the top or front of a piece of writing; title.
headline the title to a newspaper article that tells what the article is about. The headline for the most important news is in the largest type on the front page of the paper. [1/2 definitions]
heir a person who receives or has the right to receive another person's property or title after that person's death.
hereditary having to do with money, property, or title that is inherited by law. [1/2 definitions]
highness (capital) a title of honor used when speaking to or about a royal person (usually preceded by "His", "Her", or "Your").
knight to give the title of knight to. [1/4 definitions]
lady a title for a noblewoman. [1/3 definitions]
lord a title for a nobleman. [1/3 definitions]
mademoiselle a French title for a girl or woman who is not married. The abbreviation is Mlle.