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abyss a vast pit, too deep to be measured.
alcoholism a disease caused by the habit of drinking too much alcohol. Alcoholism is characterized by a strong desire to drink alcohol, difficulties in behaving properly, and troubling effects when alcohol use is stopped.
also besides; in addition; too.
anemia a medical condition caused by having too few red blood cells or red blood cells that are not working properly. People with anemia may be pale, feel weak, and have difficulty breathing.
-ard a suffix that means one who does something too much or too often.
arrogance the condition or quality of being arrogant; having too much pride or belief in one's superiority. [1/2 definitions]
arrogant having or showing too much pride; behaving as though one is more important than others.
artillery large weapons used in land battles, such as cannons or rockets. Artillery is too heavy for a person to carry and is sometimes mounted on wheels. [1/2 definitions]
as well besides; also; too.
balanced not going too far in any one extreme; keeping things in proper proportion. [1/2 definitions]
belated too late; tardy.
bloat to make swollen or too full of air, water, or food.
blood bank a place where blood is collected and stored for later use by people who have lost too much blood.
blow2 to burst or stop working from being filled or used too much. [1/7 definitions]
blue in the face exhausted from too much effort or activity.
boast to talk with too much pride; brag. [1/3 definitions]
bow and scrape to behave with too much politeness.
brag to speak with too much pride about oneself, or about anyone or anything closely connected with oneself; boast.
burn to be cooked too much. [3/8 definitions]
carbon monoxide a poisonous gas with no color or smell. Carbon monoxide forms when a material made of carbon, like gasoline, is not fully burned because of too little air.
cell phone a telephone that operates using radio signals and therefore requires no wires. A cell phone can be taken with one anywhere but may not function if it is too far away from a radio transmitter to receive signals.