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battlement (often plural) a wall along the top of a castle, fort, or tower that has openings for people to shoot through.
belfry a tower of a church or other building in which a bell is hung; bell tower.
control tower a tower at an airport. Air traffic is directed by radios in the control tower.
derrick a tower built over an oil well or other drill hole. It is used to support and move equipment. [1/2 definitions]
dominate to rise above; tower over. [1/2 definitions]
lighthouse a tower with a flashing light for guiding ships and warning them of dangers in the water.
minaret a tall, thin tower on a mosque. A minaret has a platform near the top from which a person calls Muslims to prayer.
steeple a tall, narrow tower on top of a building. A steeple often has a pointed spire.
turret a small tower on a larger building such as a castle. [1/2 definitions]