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Aqua-Lung trademark for an underwater breathing device.
Band-Aid (Trademark) A Band-Aid brand bandage is a strip of tape that holds a gauze pad. It is used to cover small wounds. [1/3 definitions]
Jacuzzi trademark for a type of bath that has underwater jets. The jets shoot air into the water, making it whirl around.
jeep (Trademark) a brand of sturdy, powerful car made for driving off roads on rough ground. It was first made for military use. [1/2 definitions]
Jell-O (trademark) a sweetened, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
Laundromat (trademark) a place where people pay to use washing machines and clothes dryers.
logo a company's name, trademark, or symbol.
Ping-Pong the trademark name for the game of table tennis.
Spam (Trademark) Spam is the brand name for a kind of canned meat made from pork pieces and seasoning. [1/3 definitions]
Styrofoam trademark for a substance that can be molded into firm, lightweight shapes. The substance is often used in packaging food and other items and for protecting items in shipping.
Thermos (Trademark) A Thermos is a container that is used to keep food or drink at its original temperature. [1/2 definitions]
trademark a name, symbol, or other mark used to show who made a product. By law, only the company that makes or sells the product may use its trademark.
Velcro a trademark for a device that fastens using strips of nylon tape. One strip is covered with tiny hooks that attach to another strip with tiny loops. Velcro is used on clothing and many other items.
Zip Code (Trademark) Zip Code is a U.S. Postal Service system that uses a code of five or more numbers to identify every postal delivery area in the United States. Zip stands for "Zone Improvement Plan."