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academy a private school or a school that offers special training.
cadet a student in a military school; person training to be a military officer.
civilize to bring education and training to, especially in the arts, science, and government.
discipline training of the body or mind to bring about good performance and good behavior. [4/7 definitions]
drill1 a learning or training method in which an action or item is repeated over and over. [1/4 definitions]
educate to provide knowledge, training, and guidance to.
education the act or work of learning or training. [1/2 definitions]
green without experience; in need of training. [1/11 definitions]
hike to take a long walk in a natural area for fun, exercise, or training. [2 definitions]
intern2 a doctor who recently graduated from medical school and is working with more experienced doctors to finish training. [1/2 definitions]
novice A person who is training to be a member of a religious order. [1/2 definitions]
profession a job or type of work that needs special training or study. [1/2 definitions]
quack2 a person who pretends do be a doctor, but doesn't have proper training or skill. [1/3 definitions]
registered nurse a nurse who has completed training and who has a license to practice nursing. In order to receive a license, nurses must pass an examination given by a state government.
resident a doctor working in a hospital for a period of time in order to get special training. [1/2 definitions]
rookie a member of a group who has not yet had training or experience. [1/2 definitions]
seminary a school for training men and women for work as ministers, priests, or rabbis.
skill the power or ability to perform a task well, especially because of training or practice. [2 definitions]
upbringing the training and rearing of a child or children.