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carry to take from one place to another; bear or support while moving; transport. [1/4 definitions]
haul to carry from one place to another in a vehicle; transport. [1/5 definitions]
local a local vehicle of transport such as a bus. [1/5 definitions]
log1 to cut down and transport trees for lumber or firewood. [1/5 definitions]
quiver2 a case designed to hold and transport arrows, often strapped to the back or waist.
take to move; to transport. [1/25 definitions]
tractor-trailer a very large truck that consists of a cab where the driver sits and a trailer or semitrailer attached to it. Tractor-trailers are used to transport goods over long distances.
trunk a large, strong container, often with a lock, used to store or transport goods; chest. [1/6 definitions]