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abuse cruel or harmful treatment. [1/6 definitions]
CAT scan an image of an area of the body that is formed from a grouping of x-rays on a computer. CAT scans are used to make a diagnosis in medical treatment. CAT stands for computerized axial tomography.
clinic a place that gives medical treatment, usually to people who do not need to stay in a hospital overnight.
dish it out to deliver criticism or cruel treatment with force.
favor to give special treatment to; prefer. [1/6 definitions]
hospitality the friendly, warm, and generous treatment of guests or strangers.
hospitalize to place in a hospital for medical treatment.
manicure a treatment for the fingernails that includes trimming, shaping, and sometimes polishing. [1/2 definitions]
massage a treatment of the body that involves rubbing and kneading to help the blood circulate better and to relax muscles. [1/2 definitions]
maul to hurt by beating or through other rough treatment. [1/2 definitions]
mercy kind treatment by someone who has some power over another. [1/2 definitions]
patient a person or animal that is getting medical treatment. [1/3 definitions]
prejudice hatred or unfair treatment toward a person or group without cause or reason. Prejudice is often directed toward people of a certain race or religion. [1/3 definitions]
racism unfair treatment of people based on the opinion that one race, typically the race with more wealth and power, is better than another race or races. Racism exists all over the world and takes different forms. In the United States, racism has been directed primarily at black Americans. [1/2 definitions]
sexist the unfair treatment of a person because of his or her sex.
therapy treatment meant to cure a disease or heal an injury.
ticklish needing careful, sensitive treatment. [1/2 definitions]
wrong treatment or action that is not fair or just. [1/8 definitions]