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delta a triangle of sand and soil deposited at the mouth of some large rivers. [1/2 definitions]
flag1 a piece of cloth, in the shape of a rectangle or triangle, with colors and designs. Flags are used for signaling or as symbols of a country or organization. [1/2 definitions]
gable the part of an outside wall that is shaped like a triangle because it fills the space between two sloping ends of a roof.
hypotenuse the side opposite the right angle in a right triangle; the longest side of a right triangle.
isosceles triangle a triangle with two sides that are equal in length.
jib1 a sail that is shaped like a triangle and used in the front of a sailing boat.
pennant a long flag shaped like a triangle. Pennants are used on ships for signaling or as a sign for a school, team, or some other group.
pyramid a solid figure whose sides are triangles that meet at a single point. The base of a pyramid can be any flat shape with straight sides, such as a triangle or square. [1/3 definitions]
right triangle a triangle with a right angle.
scalene triangle a triangle that has three sides with different lengths.
triangle something that looks like a triangle. One type of triangle is a musical instrument made of a bent metal rod that is struck by another rod to make a sound like a bell. [1/2 definitions]
triangular of or shaped like a triangle.
wedge a piece of wood or metal shaped like a triangle with a thin edge. A wedge is driven or forced between objects to split, lift, or make them stronger. [2/5 definitions]