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harp a large musical instrument with an upright triangular frame. Harps have forty-six strings and are played by plucking the strings with the fingers.
porpoise a mammal that lives in the ocean. Porpoises look like large fish, but they breathe air. Some kinds of porpoises have a triangular fin on their back. Porpoises are closely related to dolphins and other whales with teeth. Porpoises have a round head with a blunt snout. [1/2 definitions]
shoulder blade either of the two large, flat, triangular bones in the upper back that form the back parts of the shoulders.
whale1 a very large mammal that lives in the water. Most kinds of whales live in the ocean. They have a body shaped like a dolphin or porpoise, flippers for front limbs, and a flat, triangular tail. Some kinds of whales have teeth; others feed with baleen. [1/2 definitions]