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boot the British word for the large compartment in the rear of an automobile used to store items such as packages and tools. Boot has the same meaning as trunk. [1/4 definitions]
branch a woody part of a tree or bush that grows out from the trunk; limb. [1/4 definitions]
centaur a creature in Greek mythology that has the head, arms, and chest of a man and the trunk and legs of a horse.
dugout a boat or canoe made by hollowing out a tree trunk. [1/3 definitions]
elephant an enormous mammal with a very long nose called a trunk. Elephants have curved tusks, huge, floppy ears, and four long, thick legs. Elephants use their trunks to pick up food, drink water, or lift things. They use their tusks to dig roots. Elephants travel in herds, eating tons of plants every day. African elephants are the largest mammals that live on land. Indian elephants are smaller and can be trained to work with people.
knot1 the place where a branch grows out of the trunk of a tree. When wood is cut into boards, the knot looks like a dark spot. [1/6 definitions]
nuthatch a small bird with a short tail and a long, narrow beak. It climbs about on trees in search of insects, moving down the trunk head first.
torso the human body from neck to hips; trunk.
tree a woody plant that has a long main trunk and many branches. Trees usually grow quite tall. [1/4 definitions]
trunk the long snout of an elephant. An elephant uses its flexible trunk to breathe, feed itself, pick up objects, and many other things. [1/6 definitions]
wood the hard material lying under the bark that makes up the trunk and branches of a tree. [1/4 definitions]