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mushroom a fungus with a stalk and a cap that looks like a small umbrella. Some kinds of mushrooms can be eaten; other kinds are poisonous. Mushrooms live in damp places and are the fruiting bodies of certain kinds of fungi. [1/3 definitions]
parachute a large device made of strong, thin cloth that opens up like an umbrella. A parachute slows the fall of a person who jumps from an airplane. It can also be used in the same way for something that is dropped from an airplane. [1/3 definitions]
parasol a light umbrella used to protect against the sun.
rib1 something that looks like a rib in shape or purpose, such as the wires that hold open an umbrella. [1/2 definitions]
toadstool a mushroom shaped like an umbrella. Toadstools are often poisonous.
umbrella a screen made of fabric stretched over a folding frame. An umbrella is used to shield against the rain or sun.