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abandon to give up (one's home, fort, ship, or the like) by leaving it. [2/3 definitions]
abdicate to officially give up a position of power or a right.
abide to put up with; stand. [1/3 definitions]
absorb to take in or soak up. [1/2 definitions]
absorbent able to soak up liquid or moisture. [2 definitions]
absorption the act of soaking up or absorbing. [2 definitions]
accumulate to pile up, collect, or gather. [1/2 definitions]
accumulation the act of accumulating; piling up. [2 definitions]
add to find the sum of (often followed by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
addict a person who depends on something, such as a drug, that is usually harmful and cannot be easily given up. [2/3 definitions]
ad-lib to make up as one goes along; say or do something without practice or planning. [2 definitions]
adult having grown up; mature. [2/4 definitions]
adulthood the part of life when a person is grown up; the adult years.
agitate to try to stir up public support (often followed by "for" or "against"). [1/3 definitions]
agitation the act or process of stirring up something, forcing it to move around or back and forth. [1/2 definitions]
air the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth. Air is made up of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases, and has no taste, odor, or color. [1/6 definitions]
air bag a bag in the front of some cars that blows up with air instantly in a crash to stop the passengers from being thrown forward.
album a musical recording that is made up of a few or several pieces of music. [1/2 definitions]
alight2 lighted up, or appearing to be lighted up. [1/2 definitions]
all-American made up only of Americans or of parts made in America. [1/2 definitions]
all-star made up entirely of the best players or performers.