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airplane a machine that can fly because of the force of air upon its wings; plane. An airplane is driven by propellers or a jet engine.
astride over or upon and with a leg on each side of. [1/2 definitions]
at1 on or upon the occurrence of; during the time of. [1/5 definitions]
-ate1 a suffix that means "to act upon" or "treat with." [1/3 definitions]
back out of to fail to do something that was agreed upon.
blot to make a stain or spot upon. [1/4 definitions]
buttonhole to stop and force one's conversation upon [1/2 definitions]
depend to trust or rely (usually followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/3 definitions]
dote to have or show too much love or affection (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
driftwood wood that has been left upon a beach by water or is floating on water.
dwell to think, write, or speak about over and over again for a long time (often followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/2 definitions]
elaborate to add details to something; explain more fully (often followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/2 definitions]
encounter to meet or come upon suddenly or by chance. [1/4 definitions]
enter to begin; start (usually followed by "upon"). [1/7 definitions]
envy to look upon with envy. [1/3 definitions]
every now and then from time to time; upon occasion.
every once in a while from time to time; upon occasion.
every so often from time to time; upon occasion.
find to come upon or meet by accident. [2/6 definitions]
fold1 to bend over upon itself so that one section lies on or against another section. [1/8 definitions]
frown to disapprove (usually followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/3 definitions]