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adenoid (usually plural) a mass of tissue that grows behind the nose in the upper part of the throat. When swollen, the adenoids can make breathing difficult.
advantage a better chance or position; upper hand. [1/2 definitions]
aristocracy a class of people who have a high social position because of the family they are born into. Members of the aristocracy are usually richer and have more privileges than other members of society. [1/2 definitions]
atrium either of the two upper compartments of the heart; auricle. Blood returning from the body flows into the atria, which pump the blood to the ventricles, the lower compartments of the heart. [1/2 definitions]
balcony an upper floor with rows of seats that juts out into a theater or auditorium. [1/2 definitions]
baleen the bony, flexible strips in the upper jaws of whales that feed by filtering food from ocean water. These whales use baleen to strain large amounts of small food such as shrimp from the water.
bend to lean one's upper body from the waist (often followed by "over", "forward", or "back"). [1/5 definitions]
bib the upper part of an apron that protects the clothing. [1/2 definitions]
biceps the large muscle at the front of the upper arm that bends the elbow.
blouse a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, usually by women and girls. A blouse is similar to a shirt, but it may have more detailed sewing or more decoration, or it may be made of a fancier fabric such as satin or silk. A blouse is worn with either a skirt or pants.
blue jay a common jay bird of eastern North America. A blue jay has a crest on its head and a bright blue upper body with white and black markings on its wings and tail.
bow1 to bend the head or upper body forward in order to greet or take notice of someone. [2/3 definitions]
bridge1 the bony upper part of the human nose. [1/4 definitions]
bucktooth an upper front tooth that sticks out.
Burkina Faso a country in West Africa that is south of Mali and north of Ghana. The country used to be called Upper Volta. The capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou.
bust1 a sculpture or statue that shows the upper part of the human body from the head to the shoulders or chest.
ceiling an upper limit. [1/3 definitions]
chest the upper front part of the body between the neck and waist. [1/3 definitions]
desktop the flat, upper working surface of a desk. [1/2 definitions]
elbow the bend or joint between the upper arm and the lower arm. [1/3 definitions]
eyelash the short, fine hairs that grow on the edge of the upper or lower eyelid; a single one of these hairs.