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bracket a support shaped liked an L that is attached to a wall or other upright surface. [1/5 definitions]
chimney a hollow, upright structure above a fireplace or furnace that carries smoke upward and to the outside.
column an upright structure that looks like a post. A column helps support a building. [1/4 definitions]
cross an upright line or pole with a horizontal one across it. [1/10 definitions]
erect upright in posture or position. [2/4 definitions]
Ferris wheel a ride at a carnival or amusement park made of a very large upright wheel with seats hanging from the rim. A motor turns the wheel while people sit in the seats.
harp a large musical instrument with an upright triangular frame. Harps have forty-six strings and are played by plucking the strings with the fingers.
harrow a farm tool used to break up and level ground that has been plowed. A harrow has spikes or upright disks mounted on a heavy frame. [1/3 definitions]
hydrant an upright pipe with a valve from which water can be drawn from a water main.
keep one's balance to stay steady and upright.
mast1 a long upright pole that rises from the bottom of a sailboat or ship to support the sails and lines. [2 definitions]
post1 a pole or stake placed upright in the ground to mark or support something. [1/3 definitions]
rear2 to raise upright. [1/3 definitions]
right to place in or return to an upright position. [1/21 definitions]
Roman (usually lower case) relating to upright printing type or lettering. [1/4 definitions]
shock2 a bundle of stalks of corn or other grain standing upright against one another in a field.
sign a printed direction, notice, or warning put on a surface or on an upright support. [1/7 definitions]
stand to be or stay in an upright position. [2/16 definitions]
stockade a fence for defense made of upright posts. [1/2 definitions]
stoop1 to perform a task or act that lowers oneself or is not honest and upright. [1/4 definitions]
straight upright; honest. [2/8 definitions]