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bushel1 in the US, a unit of measure equal to 4 pecks or 32 quarts, used for measuring grain and other dry products. [1/2 definitions]
crescent the shape of the moon when it looks to us like a narrow arc. The moon appears as a crescent in its first and last quarters. [1/3 definitions]
let's1 shortened form of "let us."
our belonging to, done by, or having to do with us.
ours the one or ones that belong to, are done by, or have to do with us.
ourselves used to put the emphasis on "we" or "us." [1/3 definitions]
ozone hole an area in the ozone layer where the ozone becomes thin. There is a large ozone hole over Antarctica and a smaller one over the North Pole. Scientists warn us this is dangerous.
public school in the US, an elementary, middle, or high school that is free and supported by people's taxes. [1/2 definitions]
reception a British word for the place where you report your arrival and are greeted at a hotel or office. A reception is usually called a reception desk in the US. [1/6 definitions]
saliva a liquid produced by glands in the mouth that helps us to chew and digest food. Saliva has no color or taste.