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ace a playing card that has only one mark. In card games, an ace has either the highest value of all the cards or the lowest. [1/5 definitions]
appraise to determine the value of; set a price for. [1/2 definitions]
appreciate to understand and accept the worth of; value. [2/4 definitions]
appreciation a rise in value. [1/3 definitions]
assess to rate the value of something for taxation; value. [1/3 definitions]
base2 of little value when compared to something else. [1/2 definitions]
believe in to be sure of the ability or value of. [1/2 definitions]
below lower than, in rank or value. [1/3 definitions]
cherish to value with great love and care.
costly of high cost or value.
degrade to reduce in value, amount, or strength. [1/4 definitions]
deteriorate to become less in value or quality; decline. [1/2 definitions]
dispute to question the value or truth of. [1/4 definitions]
dregs the part of anything that is left over or that has the least value or use. [1/2 definitions]
enhance to improve or add to the quality, value, or attractiveness of.
equal having the same value, measure, or amount as something else. [1/4 definitions]
equivalent the same as or equal to another in force, value, measure, or meaning. [1/2 definitions]
estimate a careful guess as to the amount, size, or value of something. [1/2 definitions]
evaluate to judge the level or value of. [1/2 definitions]
evaluation a report that tells the value or quality of something. [1/2 definitions]
figure a value or amount given in numbers. [1/10 definitions]