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boil1 of a liquid, to produce bubbles of water vapor when heated to a high enough temperature. [1/5 definitions]
evaporate to turn from liquid into gas; pass away in the form of vapor. [1/2 definitions]
exhale to breathe out; give out breath or vapor.
flame the mixture of burning gas and vapor that rises from an object that is on fire. Flame is seen as brightly colored, flickering light. [1/4 definitions]
frost a light, white covering of dew or water vapor frozen into ice crystals. [1/5 definitions]
fume (often plural) a vapor, smoke, or odor that is not pleasant or healthy. [1/2 definitions]
humid having a high amount of water vapor; damp; moist.
humidity water vapor or moisture in the air.
liquid a form of matter that flows easily and is neither a solid nor a gas. Liquid can take on the shape of any container it is poured into. Water that is neither vapor nor ice is a liquid. [1/2 definitions]
precipitate to change from water vapor and fall to the ground as rain, snow, or sleet. [1/2 definitions]
smoke something that is like this, such as a vapor or cloud. [2/6 definitions]
steam water vapor formed by boiling. [2/7 definitions]
transpire to give off waste from a surface in the form of vapor.
vent an opening through which a gas or vapor can enter, pass through, or exit. [1/3 definitions]