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artichoke a plant like a tall thistle with a flower head made up of thick leaves. The head of the artichoke is eaten as a vegetable.
asparagus a plant related to the lily, whose young shoots are cooked and eaten as a vegetable. The shoots are shaped like spears with scaly leaves at the tip.
aubergine the British word for eggplant, a plant grown for its dark purple, oval fruit. Aubergine is eaten as a vegetable.
bean the seed or seed pod of certain plants. Many kinds of beans are eaten as a vegetable. [1/4 definitions]
cabbage a vegetable with large green or purple leaves that form a round head.
carrot a plant that produces an orange root that is eaten as a vegetable. [1/2 definitions]
celery a plant with crisp, pale green stalks that are eaten as a vegetable. Celery leaves and seeds are used as seasoning.
collard a type of vegetable like cabbage that is grown for food. [1/2 definitions]
courgette the British name for a zucchini, a cucumber-shaped vegetable with a smooth, dark green rind.
eggplant a plant grown for its dark purple fruit, which is eaten as a vegetable. The fruit is often shaped like an egg or like a tube.
flesh the soft or juicy part beneath the skin of a fruit or vegetable. [1/3 definitions]
green pepper a hollow, somewhat round, fruit that is eaten as a vegetable, especially in salads. The taste of a green pepper is not spicy. A green pepper is called that when the pepper is young and green. If the pepper is allowed to mature, it will become red.
margarine a food used in place of butter. Margarine is made of vegetable oil, milk, coloring, and other ingredients.
okra a green vegetable that is shaped like a tube. Okra becomes sticky when cooked and is used in soups or fried. [2 definitions]
oleomargarine a food like butter made from vegetable oil instead of milk; margarine.
parsnip the root of the parsnip, eaten as a vegetable. [1/2 definitions]
pea a small, round, green seed grown in a pod on a climbing plant. Peas are eaten as a vegetable. [1/2 definitions]
pepper a hollow fruit that varies in size, shape, and color. Peppers can have either a hot or sweet taste. They are eaten as a vegetable or used to season other foods. [1/4 definitions]
pickle a cucumber or another vegetable or fruit that has been preserved in salt water, vinegar, and seasonings. [1/2 definitions]
plantain1 a fruit similar to the banana, but larger, firmer, and less sweet. Plantains have a lot of starch and are eaten as a cooked vegetable.
potato a kind of thick, underground plant stem that is eaten as a vegetable. Potatoes have pale flesh and thin skin that is usually brown, yellow, or red.