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arcade a covered passageway that has shops or places to play video or other games along the sides. [1/2 definitions]
camcorder a portable video recording device that includes a camera and a videocassette recorder in one unit.
cassette a case with film, audio tape, or video tape inside. Cassettes make it easy to load a camera or recorder.
film to photograph with a movie camera or tape with a video recorder. [1/5 definitions]
multimedia the combination of sound, still pictures, and video. [2 definitions]
pixel one of the tiny dots of light that make up an image on a computer or television screen. A pixel is the smallest unit of a video image. The word "pixel" is a shortened form of the phrase "picture element".
sound bite a short statement taken from a video or audio tape that is to be included in a later broadcast.
visual having to do with or using pictures or video. [1/2 definitions]