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at last after a long time or wait; finally.
await to wait for; look forward to. [1/2 definitions]
finally after a long time or a long wait; at last. [1/2 definitions]
hold on to wait. [1/2 definitions]
hold one's breath to wait with hope and expectation.
hold one's horses to wait more calmly; be patient.
hold tight to stay and wait for further information or events.
impatience the quality or condition of being unable to wait calmly or bear annoyances.
impatient not patient; not willing or able to wait calmly. [1/2 definitions]
impatiently with annoyance or anxiety at having to wait.
lie in wait to wait for a chance to make a surprise attack.
look forward to to wait for eagerly.
lounge a room or area where people can relax or wait. [1/5 definitions]
lurk to be hidden; lie in wait. [1/2 definitions]
patient able to wait without complaining or becoming upset. [1/3 definitions]
principal's office the office of the head of a school, where decisions concerning the school are made and where discipline is sometimes carried out or decided on. The principal's office is also a place where students can wait during school hours for someone to pick them up if they need to go home for some reason.
sit tight to stay and wait for further information or events.
waiting room a room provided in a doctor's office, train station, or the like, in which persons may wait.
watch to look or wait in anticipation (usually followed by "for"). [1/8 definitions]