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blanket a thick piece of material used on a bed for warmth or worn as clothing. [1/3 definitions]
bonfire a large fire built outside for celebration or warmth.
campfire an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth while camping.
cold without heat or warmth. [2/7 definitions]
cool not having warmth or enthusiasm; unfriendly. [1/9 definitions]
hat a covering for the head worn for warmth, protection, or decoration.
hearth the home, as a place of warmth. [1/2 definitions]
hearty full of warmth and enthusiasm; friendly. [1/4 definitions]
heat a form of energy, or the state of being very warm; hotness; warmth. [1/4 definitions]
icy without warmth or feeling; unfriendly in manner. [1/3 definitions]
inhuman without human feelings such as warmth, mercy, or sympathy; cruel, brutal, or not caring.
mitten a covering for the hand, worn for warmth. Mittens have one section for the thumb and one section for the four fingers.
muffler clothing that is wrapped around the neck for warmth; scarf. [1/2 definitions]
pat1 to tap gently with the hand to show feelings of warmth or affection. [1/4 definitions]
stove1 a device that uses electricity or burns fuel to provide heat for cooking or warmth.