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billow a large wave in the ocean; swell. [1/2 definitions]
breaker1 a heavy ocean wave that breaks into foam on the shore or at sea.
crest the peak of a large hill, mountain, or wave. [1/4 definitions]
flail to move or wave wildly. [1/4 definitions]
flap to swing or wave back and forth with a slapping sound. [1/5 definitions]
flourish to wave about in a bold or dramatic way. [1/5 definitions]
flutter to wave rapidly back and forth or up and down. [1/5 definitions]
fly1 to wave or float in the air. [2/9 definitions]
hail1 to call out or wave to in order to attract the attention of (a taxi, bus, or the like.) [1/4 definitions]
microwave a type of radio wave with a high frequency. Microwaves are used to send messages over long distances and in special ovens to heat food and liquids. [1/2 definitions]
ripple a small wave. [1/4 definitions]
stream to float or wave. [1/7 definitions]
surge to move or swell in or like a wave; billow. [1/3 definitions]
swell a long wave or series of waves. [1/8 definitions]
tsunami a very large, often destructive, sea wave that is caused by an earthquake or explosion of a volcano under the ocean.