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abrasive something rough used to wear away or polish a surface. [1/2 definitions]
badge a pin, patch, or ribbon people wear to show that they belong to a group, have a particular job, or have done something special.
batter1 to wear down by constant pressure or use. [1/2 definitions]
corrode to cause to wear away slowly.
crown a covering for the head often made of gold or silver and decorated with jewels. Kings and queens wear crowns. [1/4 definitions]
erode to wear away or eat into.
exhaust to make tired; wear out. [1/4 definitions]
fray2 to wear or rub thin. [1/2 definitions]
masquerade a party or ball at which the guests wear costumes and masks. [2/4 definitions]
overdo to get tired; wear out. [1/3 definitions]
shabby showing signs of wear. [1/3 definitions]
smile to wear an expression on the face in which the corners of the mouth turn up and the eyes get brighter. Smiling usually shows that a person is happy, amused, or friendly. [1/2 definitions]
sport suited for sports or for somewhat casual wear. [1/6 definitions]
strength the power to hold off wear, damage, or injury. [1/3 definitions]
tap dance a dance in which the dancer uses the foot, heel, or toe to tap out a rhythm. Tap dancers wear special shoes to sound the taps.
wash to wear away or destroy by the action of moving water. [1/12 definitions]
wore past tense of wear.
worn the past participle of wear. [1/3 definitions]
worn-out no longer able to be used because of wear. [1/2 definitions]