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ermine a weasel that has white fur in the winter. Ermines live in very cold regions of North America, Europe, and Asia.
ferret a small mammal with light fur and black feet. Ferrets are a kind of weasel. They live in the plains of North America, where they eat prairie dogs. The North American ferret is closely related to the European ferret or polecat. [1/4 definitions]
polecat a small mammal with dark fur, a long body, and short legs. Polecats are a kind of weasel. They live in Europe, northern Africa, and North America. Domesticated polecats are called ferrets. In North America, a kind of wild polecat is also called a ferret. [1/2 definitions]
stoat the European name for a weasel, especially for ermines when they have brown fur in summer.
wolverine a mammal with a long, thick body, short legs, and a bushy tail. Wolverines have dark fur with white marks on the face and body. They are the largest kind of weasel, and may grow over three feet long. Wolverines hunt many kinds of animals, including large mammals. They live in the northern parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.