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abolitionism a movement in the United States in the 1800s whose goal was to free the people who were slaves and make slavery against the law.
affirmative action a policy to make sure certain groups of people are given a fair chance for jobs and education. In particular, this policy is for minority groups and women who were not given these opportunities in the past. Regulations made by the U.S. government support affirmative action.
aristocracy a class of people who have a high social position because of the family they are born into. Members of the aristocracy are usually richer and have more privileges than other members of society. [1/2 definitions]
ark in the Bible, a chest carried by the ancient Hebrews. The ark contained the two stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written. [1/2 definitions]
bison a very large mammal with a large head, humped shoulders, and short curved horns. Bison used to roam the plains of North America in large herds, but they were hunted until they were almost extinct. North American bison are also called buffalo, but they are not related to the true buffalo of Africa and Asia. Bison have hooves and are closely related to cattle. Bison eat only plants and chew their cud. [1/2 definitions]
bonnet a cloth hat that is fastened beneath the chin with ribbons. Bonnets were once worn by women but are now worn mainly by babies. [1/2 definitions]
castle a large, strong building where a noble lived with his family and servants. Many castles were built long ago to defend the people inside against attacks. [1/2 definitions]
collie a Scottish breed of dog. Collies are large dogs with long, narrow heads and long hair. They were once raised to herd sheep.
copy one of a number of books, magazines, photographs, or scores of music that were printed at the same time. [1/5 definitions]
corporation a group of people allowed by law to do certain things as if they were one person.
creep (informal, usually plural) a feeling as if something were crawling over the skin (used with "the"). [1/7 definitions]
dinosaur one of a group of extinct animals. Some kinds of dinosaurs were the largest animals that ever lived on land. Other dinosaurs were as small as chickens. The first kinds of dinosaurs developed over two hundred million years ago. The last kinds became extinct about sixty-five million years ago.
dodo a large bird, now extinct, with wings so small that it could not fly. Dodos were once found on islands in the Indian Ocean.
Euphrates a river in southwest Asia. It flows from eastern Turkey south through Iraq. It joins the Tigris River in a valley where some of the most ancient civilizations were located.
except if it were not that; only; but. [1/3 definitions]
family any group living together as if they were related by blood. [1/5 definitions]
faraway not paying attention, as if one's mind were on distant subjects. [1/2 definitions]
generation the entire group of people who were born around the same time. [1/3 definitions]
guild a group of people in the Middle Ages in Europe who were in the same trade and who joined together to protect their common interests. Guilds were concerned with the prices and quality of their products. [1/2 definitions]
Jew a person whose ancestors were the Biblical Hebrews. [1/2 definitions]
leech a kind of worm that lives in water or mud and sucks blood from animals. Leeches were once used in medicine to draw blood from people. Leaches are still sometimes used to prevent blood from clotting when reattaching fingers and toes that have been cut off.