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ancestor a person from whom one is descended and who lived several generations ago.
creditor someone to whom money is owed.
friend a person whom you know well and like and who likes you. [1/2 definitions]
husband a man who is married; the man to whom a woman is married.
legend a person about whom such stories are told. [1/3 definitions]
rival a person whom one tries to be better than; competitor. [1/4 definitions]
saint a person whom others consider very kind or good. [1/2 definitions]
stranger a person whom one does not know. [1/2 definitions]
that which, who, whom (used to introduce a clause that describes or defines the thing or person just mentioned.) [1/9 definitions]
voice mail a spoken message that has been recorded electronically and stored on a central computer. The person to whom the message has been sent can listen to it by telephoning the computer. [1/2 definitions]
wife a woman who is married, or the woman to whom a man is married.