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advertise to present as good or favorable in order to win people's business or support. [1/3 definitions]
beat to win against; defeat. [1/9 definitions]
compete to try to win or get something that others are also trying to get. [1/2 definitions]
competition the process or act of trying to win. [1/2 definitions]
competitive having a strong desire to win or do better than others in almost every situation. [1/2 definitions]
contest a fight or struggle to win or to be better. [2/4 definitions]
coupon a small, printed slip of paper that gives someone a discount, admission to a performance, or a chance to win a prize.
defeat to win a victory over; beat in a game or battle. [1/4 definitions]
gain to win or get by winning. [1/7 definitions]
handicap an advantage or disadvantage placed on a team or player in a race or contest. This is done to give everyone an equal chance to win. [1/3 definitions]
hit the jackpot (informal) to have sudden good luck or success; to win a jackpot.
lose to fail to win. [1/5 definitions]
loss a defeat or failure to win. [1/5 definitions]
overcome to win against or defeat; to get over or past. [1/3 definitions]
run an effort to win office in an election. [1/30 definitions]
score to achieve or win. [1/8 definitions]
triumph to win a great victory or success. [2/4 definitions]
trophy something given to recognize a win or other accomplishment; award.
upset to win against when expected to lose to. [2/9 definitions]
walk away with to win or get easily.
walk off with to win or get easily. [1/2 definitions]