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air movement of the atmosphere; breeze or wind. [1/6 definitions]
anemometer an instrument that measures the speed and force of the wind.
bagpipe a wind instrument made of a leather bag and pipes. It is played by blowing air into the bag and squeezing the bag to force air through pipes that produce musical tones.
bell the opening of a brass or wind instrument where the sound comes out. [1/2 definitions]
blow2 to be carried along by the wind. [1/7 definitions]
brass (often plural) a wind instrument made of brass. [1/2 definitions]
breeze a light or gentle wind. [1/3 definitions]
coil1 to wind into circles. [1/2 definitions]
compound sentence a sentence made of two or more independent clauses. The sentences are joined by a conjunction or semicolon. "The sky darkened, and the wind howled" is a compound sentence.
cornet a brass wind instrument that is like a trumpet but smaller.
drift to be carried along by an outside force, such as wind or water. [1/5 definitions]
dune a mound or hill of sand built up by the action of wind.
easterly a storm or wind from the east. [1/3 definitions]
erosion wearing away of the earth's surface by wind or water.
exposure the condition of being exposed to wind, cold, heat, rain, or other forces of nature. [2/4 definitions]
fife a small wind instrument that looks like a flute and has a high pitch. The fife usually plays along with drums in marching music.
French horn a brass wind instrument. It is a long coiled tube that ends in a wide bell shape.
gale a strong wind of about thirty to sixty miles per hour. [1/2 definitions]
goggle (plural) a pair of special glasses worn to protect the eyes from dust, wind, water, or harsh light.
gust a sudden rush or blast of wind. [1/2 definitions]
harmonica a small wind instrument in the shape of a rectangle. It is held in the hands and played by blowing and inhaling air over a set of metal reeds; mouth organ.