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actress a woman or girl who plays a part in movies, television, plays, or radio.
bride1 a woman who is about to be married or was just married.
businesswoman a woman who works in business.
Chicana a woman or girl of Mexican descent who lives in or is a citizen of the United States.
corsage a small bunch of flowers worn by a woman at the shoulder, waist, or on the wrist.
countess a woman married to a count or earl. [1/2 definitions]
countrywoman a woman from the same country as oneself. [2 definitions]
cowgirl a woman who herds and takes care of cattle. Cowgirls work on ranches and often ride horses.
dame (capitalized) a title of honor given by a British king or queen to a woman who has done something important.
dowry the money or other property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage.
drum majorette a woman or girl who leads a marching band and often twirls a baton.
duchess a woman who is married to or the widow of a duke. [2 definitions]
Englishwoman a woman who was born in or is a citizen of England.
female a woman or girl. [1/4 definitions]
feminine of or having to do with a woman or girl; of the female sex.
Frenchwoman a woman who was born in or is a citizen of France.
gentlewoman a polite and honorable woman. [2 definitions]
heroine a woman who is looked up to for her good character or fine actions. [1/2 definitions]
horsewoman a woman who rides on a horse. [2 definitions]
hostess a woman who entertains guests. [2 definitions]
housewife a married woman whose main work is taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and other duties of her family's household.