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bamboo a tropical grass plant that has hard, woody, hollow stems. Many kinds of bamboo grow as high as a tree. [1/2 definitions]
bark2 the outside cover of the trunks, branches, and roots of woody plants. [1/2 definitions]
branch a woody part of a tree or bush that grows out from the trunk; limb. [1/4 definitions]
brier2 a shrub of southern Europe. The brier's woody root is used in making tobacco pipes.
bush1 a low plant with many woody branches; shrub.
corncob the woody center of an ear of corn. The corncob holds the kernels.
grape a small, juicy fruit, with a smooth skin that is either green, red, or purple. Grapes grow in bunches on woody vines.
herb a flowering plant whose stem is soft rather than woody and that dies at the end of a growing season. [1/2 definitions]
ivy a woody vine that has shiny evergreen leaves, and black berries, and that often climbs walls or buildings. [1/2 definitions]
shrub a plant with woody stems that branch out close to the ground; bush. A shrub can be very short or as tall as a small tree.
tree a woody plant that has a long main trunk and many branches. Trees usually grow quite tall. [1/4 definitions]
vine a plant having a long, thin, woody stem that climbs up a support or creeps along the ground.
wicker a twig or shoot of willow or other long, woody strip that bends easily, often used in the making baskets or furniture. [1/3 definitions]
wisteria a woody vine with drooping clusters of purple or white flowers that look like bunches of grapes.