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abbreviation a shortened form of a word or phrase used in writing.
accent the stress a speaker gives to one syllable in a word. [2/5 definitions]
acronym a word formed by putting together the first letters or parts of a series of words in a longer phrase.
adios a word that means "good-bye" in Spanish.
adjective a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun. In the sentence, "It was a hard test," the word "hard" is an adjective.
adverb a word that describes or modifies a verb, adjective, or other adverb. Adverbs are also used to modify a whole sentence.
affix an element of meaning that is added to a word to change its meaning or function; prefix or suffix. The prefix "pre-" and the suffix "-ness" are both affixes. [1/2 definitions]
ah a word used to express surprise, joy, pain, understanding, dislike, and other feelings.
aha a word used to express feelings like surprise, success, discovery, or satisfaction.
ahoy a word used as a greeting to attract the attention of sailors on a ship.
alas a word used to express sadness or disappointment.
aloha a Hawaiian word used for saying either "hello" or "goodbye."
Alsatian the British word for German shepherd, a breed of large brown or black dogs that are often used as guard dogs and as guide dogs for blind people.
amen a word used at the end of a prayer or statement to mean "may it be so."
amigo a Spanish word for friend.
ampersand a sign (&). It is used in place of the word "and."
an another word for a. It is used before words that start with a, e, i, o, or u, or before words that begin with vowel sounds.
antecedent the word or group of words that a pronoun refers to. In "The girls ate their dessert first," "girls" is the antecedent of "their."
antonym a word that has the opposite meaning of another word.
articulated lorry a British word for a very large truck that consists of a cab where the driver sits and a trailer that carries goods over long distances. Articulated lorry often has the same meaning as tractor-trailer.
aubergine the British word for eggplant, a plant grown for its dark purple, oval fruit. Aubergine is eaten as a vegetable.