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brood to think or worry a lot about a single subject (usually followed by "on" or "over"). [1/4 definitions]
care worry or concern. [1/8 definitions]
carefree having nothing to worry about; free of cares or serious thoughts; cheerful.
comfort a pleasant condition that comes from not having physical pain or from having an easy life with little worry. [1/3 definitions]
concern worry or anxiety. [1/4 definitions]
cry over spilled milk to worry about something that cannot be changed.
difficulty something that causes worry or trouble; problem. [1/3 definitions]
distress worry, pain, or suffering, or anything that causes suffering. [2/3 definitions]
dread to look ahead to with worry or dislike. [1/4 definitions]
ease freedom from pain, worry, or hard work. [2/4 definitions]
easy without trouble or worry. [1/4 definitions]
frantic very excited by worry or fear; frenzied.
harrow to cause to suffer or worry a great deal. [1/3 definitions]
headache (informal) a person or thing that causes trouble or worry. [1/2 definitions]
misgiving a feeling of worry, doubt, or fear.
on edge nervous or anxious; full of worry.
relief1 the feeling of being freed from pain, distress, or worry. [1/4 definitions]
relieve to free from fear, worry, need, or poverty. [1/3 definitions]
rest1 to be without trouble or worry. [1/12 definitions]
secure free from care or worry. [1/10 definitions]
torment to annoy, tease, or cause to feel worry. [1/3 definitions]