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-able a suffix that means capable or worthy of being the object of a certain action. [1/3 definitions]
admirable very good; worthy of praise; deserving of being admired.
contempt the feeling or expression of angry disgust at something wicked, mean, or not worthy. [1/2 definitions]
deserve to be worthy of or have a right to.
enviable worthy of being wanted or envied.
glory a thing that is worthy of praise. [1/4 definitions]
honorable worthy of respect or honor.
ideal a belief or aim considered to be worthy of honor or respect. [1/6 definitions]
merit to be worthy of or deserve. [1/3 definitions]
notable worthy of special attention; remarkable. [1/2 definitions]
proud feeling pleased, satisfied, and worthy because of something one owns or has done. [1/3 definitions]
prove to show to be worthy. [1/3 definitions]
remarkable worthy of being noticed or mentioned. [1/2 definitions]
respectable worthy of respect. [1/4 definitions]
sneak a person who is cowardly, dishonest, or sly; someone who is not worthy of being trusted. [1/3 definitions]