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bandage a strip of cloth used to protect or cover a wound or other injury. [1/2 definitions]
bite a wound or injury from being bitten. [1/10 definitions]
bobbin a spool on which thread or yarn is wound for use in sewing or weaving.
bruise to wound or damage without causing a break in the skin or bone. [1/3 definitions]
coil1 something that has been wound into circles. [1/2 definitions]
dressing a bandage or medicine used to cover a wound. [1/3 definitions]
electromagnet an iron or steel core with wire wound around it. It becomes magnetic when an electric current is passed through the wire.
gauze thin cotton cloth used to cover a wound. [1/2 definitions]
injure to harm; damage; wound.
injury a particular wound or other physical problem caused by damage, such as a cut, a broken bone, or a burn. [1/2 definitions]
reel1 a spool or other device on which fishing line, cord, tape, film, or other material can be wound. [2/4 definitions]
roll any material wound into the shape of a cylinder or tube. [2/18 definitions]
rope several things strung or wound together, in the form of a heavy cord. [1/5 definitions]
scab the crust that forms over a wound in the skin to protect it. [1/2 definitions]
scar the mark left when a wound has healed. [1/3 definitions]
shoot to hit, wound, destroy, or kill with a bullet, arrow, or similar object. [1/11 definitions]
skein a length of yarn or thread wound in a long, loose loop before it is knitted or woven.
sore a painful place on the body where the skin is broken; wound. [1/5 definitions]
spindle a thin rod on which thread is twisted and wound as it is spun.
spool an object shaped like a cylinder with a rim on each end. Thread, tape, wire, and film are wound on spools.
stab to pierce or wound with or as if with a pointed object. [1/4 definitions]