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amoeba a tiny living thing made of only one cell. Amoebas move by changing their shape. They eat by wrapping their bodies around their food. Amoebas live in fresh and salt water, soil, and in animals. Most kinds of amoebas can only be seen through a microscope.
mummify to make a dead body into a mummy by using special chemicals and wrapping it tightly in cloth. This process preserves the body.
package to place in a container or in wrapping. [1/3 definitions]
paper a thin material made from wood, rags, or grasses. Paper is used for writing, wrapping, and covering walls. [1/5 definitions]
tissue paper very thin, almost transparent paper used for wrapping.
undo to release from or remove wrapping or fastening from. [1/3 definitions]
wrap to hide or cover as if by wrapping. [1/7 definitions]