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add to say or write more than what has been said or written. [1/5 definitions]
address to speak or write to. [2/6 definitions]
attack to speak or write against; oppose. [1/5 definitions]
autograph to write one's name on. [1/2 definitions]
blog a journal posted on a website that someone regularly write entries in. When people have a blog, they write about personal experiences or opinions, or about particular topics they have special knowledge of or are interested in. The word "blog" is a short form of "Web log."
capitalize to write or print (something) using capital letters or using a capital letter as the first letter.
carve to form or write by cutting. [1/2 definitions]
chalk a substance made from natural chalk that is formed into round sticks that can be used to write or draw with, especially on a blackboard or on pavement. [2/3 definitions]
compose to create or write. [1/3 definitions]
contribute to write for publication. [1/2 definitions]
correspond to write letters. [1/3 definitions]
critic a person whose work is to judge and write opinions about music, movies, plays, art, and literature. [1/2 definitions]
critique to discuss or write about what is good or bad in. [1/3 definitions]
date1 to write or print the date on. [1/6 definitions]
defend to speak, write, or act in support of. [1/2 definitions]
describe to tell or write about; create a picture of in words.
dictate to say or read aloud for someone to write down or for a machine to record. [1/3 definitions]
dwell to think, write, or speak about over and over again for a long time (often followed by "on" or "upon"). [1/2 definitions]
enter to write on a list; type into a computer. [1/7 definitions]
fill in to give or write down information. [1/2 definitions]
fluent able to speak or write easily and naturally.