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abbreviation a shortened form of a word or phrase used in writing.
article a piece of writing on a particular subject that appears in a newspaper, magazine, or book. [1/4 definitions]
artist a person who is good at painting, music, writing, or any other art. [1/2 definitions]
banner a small flag with designs or writing on it that represents a team, club, or other group. [1/2 definitions]
blackboard a smooth, hard panel for writing on with chalk; chalkboard. Blackboards are often made of slate and have a dark color.
blank without marks or writing. [1/6 definitions]
blotter a piece of paper used to soak up ink or to protect a writing surface.
book sheets of paper bound together between two covers. These pages can be blank or can have writing, printing, or pictures on them. [1/3 definitions]
Braille (often lowercase) a writing and printing system for blind people, in which patterns of raised dots are used to represent letters. Blind people touch the dots with their fingers to read.
colon1 This mark, used to separate the hour and minute in writing times of day, as in "2:43 in the afternoon." [1/2 definitions]
column an article or other piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine that appears on a regular schedule. [1/4 definitions]
comma a punctuation mark (,). It is used to separate words, phrases, or other parts of a sentence or list, or to show a pause in speech. It is also used when writing numbers of one thousand or greater to mark off groups of three digits.
context the setting of a word or phrase in speaking or writing that determines or affects its meaning. Context can be pictures, sounds, other words, or physical surroundings.
correspondence the writing of letters, or the letters themselves. [1/2 definitions]
decimal point a period placed between the units and the tenths in decimal numbers. It is used when writing money amounts to separate dollars and cents.
desk a piece of furniture with drawers and a flat surface used for reading and writing. [1/2 definitions]
discuss to consider in writing or speech. [1/2 definitions]
discussion the act or an instance of talking or writing about something.
down1 in writing. [1/13 definitions]
draft a rough piece of writing that needs more work; sketch. [1/8 definitions]
draw to make a picture of with a pen, pencil, or other writing tool. [1/8 definitions]