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barnyard a yard or fenced area next to a barn.
chore a routine task around the house or yard. [1/2 definitions]
courtyard a yard surrounded by buildings or walls.
garden the British word for an area around one's home planted with grass, flowers, or other plants. This meaning of garden has the same meaning as the American word yard. [1/3 definitions]
indefinite article either of the articles "a" or "an" in English grammar. These articles do not restrict the noun to a particular person, place or thing. In the sentence, "A dog ran into my yard," the indefinite article "a" is used to show that it could have been any dog, and that a particular dog is not being named.
junkyard a yard or lot in which junk is collected, kept, and sold. Old metal and cars are often found in a junkyard.
pigpen a yard or cage where pigs are kept.
yd. an abbreviation for yard, or yards.