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A.D. after the birth of Jesus Christ. A.D. is an abbreviation for anno domini, which means "in the year of the Lord" in Latin. Something that happened in A.D. 50 happened fifty years after the birth of Christ.
alder a tree or shrub of the birch family that grows in mostly cool, damp areas and drops its leaves every year.
almanac a book published every year that predicts the weather for each day and gives facts about the tides, the time the sun will rise and set, and other useful information. [1/2 definitions]
anniversary the date each year that is the same date on which a wedding or other important event happened. [1/2 definitions]
annual happening once every year. [3 definitions]
annually once a year; yearly.
annual ring one of the rings of wood on the inside of a tree that can be seen when the tree is cut into logs. Each ring represents a year of growth.
antler one of a pair of bony growths on the head of most kinds of deer. Male elk, moose, and white-tailed deer all grow antlers with branches or prongs. Deer grow new antlers every year. Caribou and reindeer are the only deer that have antlers on both the males and the females.
April the fourth month of the year. April has thirty days.
August the eighth month of the year. August has thirty-one days.
autumn the season of the year between summer and winter; fall.
biennial happening every second year. [1/5 definitions]
birthday the calendar day and month of one's birth, usually celebrated each year as that date occurs.
bobolink a black, yellow, and white North American songbird that is named for its cry. Bobolinks move from one region to another during certain times of the year.
butternut a tree of North America with leaves that drop every year. The butternut is related to the walnut. [1/2 definitions]
century one of the hundred-year periods into which human history is divided. Centuries are usually counted forward or backward from the beginning of the Christian era. [1/2 definitions]
class all of the students who graduate in the same year. [1/8 definitions]
Covid-19 a serious, sometimes fatal, disease caused by a certain type of virus called a "coronavirus." This particular coronavirus broke out for the first time in 2019, and the disease spread all over the world in 2020. "Co" in Covid stands for "corona," "vi" stands for "virus," and "d" stands for "disease." The number 19 refers to the year 2019. The name "Covid-19" is oftened shortened to "Covid."
crop the harvest of one or more farm products in a year or a season. [1/7 definitions]
December the twelfth month of the year. December has thirty-one days. Winter begins in December for people who live north of the equator.
deciduous having leaves that drop off each year.