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apostrophe1 this mark used in plurals of letters or numbers. An example of this use is "You forgot to cross your t's." [1/3 definitions]
bulletin board a board on which things such as notices or advertisements are displayed. A bulletin board usually hangs on a wall either in your home or in a public place.
exercise a particular way to use your muscles to make them strong. [1/6 definitions]
fidget to make small, restless movements using your hands; fiddle (often followed by "with"). [1/2 definitions]
for shame! you should feel embarrassed or guilty about your action.
hear to experience an event by perceiving it with your ears. [1/5 definitions]
highness (capital) a title of honor used when speaking to or about a royal person (usually preceded by "His", "Her", or "Your").
hold on to hold an object for the support or safety of your body or because you do not want to lose it. [1/2 definitions]
how about what is your wish about having or doing.
imperative sentence a sentence that tells someone to do something or makes a request. An example of an imperative sentence is "Tie your shoes."
know to perceive directly or have some information about something in your mind. [1/4 definitions]
reception a British word for the place where you report your arrival and are greeted at a hotel or office. A reception is usually called a reception desk in the US. [1/6 definitions]
take advantage of to use for your own benefit; treat selfishly. [1/2 definitions]
think to turn your mind toward someone or something. [1/9 definitions]
throw up to bring up food and liquid from your stomach through your mouth; vomit.
thy your. This word is used mostly in religion and in things written long ago.
urge to push forward one's argument or claim in order to persuade others to act according to your wishes. [1/5 definitions]
yourself used to emphasize "you"; your own self. [2/3 definitions]