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affront something that is said or done on purpose to be rude or mean. [1/2 definitions]
against on or touching, so as to be supported by. [1/4 definitions]
agenda a list of things to be done or talked about.
agree to be right for; fit. [2/5 definitions]
agreement an understanding between people or groups that states what kind of action is to be taken and what each person's responsibility will be. The document that describes this understanding is also called an agreement. [1/4 definitions]
ail to be ill or feel sick. [1/2 definitions]
air the way a thing or person appears to be. [1/6 definitions]
airship an aircraft that is lighter than air and can be steered. An airship has an engine and is filled with gas.
airtight having no weak points that could be open to attack. [1/2 definitions]
alarm clock a clock with a bell or buzzer that can be set to sound at a particular time.
albino a human or animal that is born without normal coloring. Albinos have very pale skin and hair and pink eyes. Plants can also be albinos.
album a book with blank pages or empty pockets in which a collection can be placed. An album can hold photographs, stamps, or mementos. [1/2 definitions]
alcohol a clear liquid that burns easily and can be made from certain grains and fruits. Alcohol is present in such drinks as beer, wine, and whiskey. It is also used in making medicines and chemicals. [1/2 definitions]
alight2 lighted up, or appearing to be lighted up. [1/2 definitions]
allege to say or claim to be true without having proof.
almond a small tree related to the cherry tree that grows in warm areas and produces seeds that can be eaten. [1/3 definitions]
aloof showing little interest in or desire to be involved with other people; distant.
aloud in a voice that can be heard; not in a whisper.
am a form of the verb "be" that is present tense and used with the pronoun "I."
ambassador a person who is sent by the government of one country to be its official representative in another country. [1/3 definitions]
ambitious requiring great effort to be done successfully. [1/2 definitions]