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affront to say or do something mean to on purpose. [1/2 definitions]
Afghan of or having to do with Afghanistan or with its people, culture, language, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
African of or having to do with Africa, or its people or languages. [1/2 definitions]
African-American of or having to do with Americans of African descent or their combined American and African heritage.
afternoon having to do with the period between noon and evening. [1/2 definitions]
agent a person who has been given the power to do certain actions for another person. [1/2 definitions]
agricultural having to do with agriculture or farming.
airline a system of transportation that allows people to fly from one place to another, or a business that owns and operates the equipment to do this.
airmail of or having to do with mail sent by air. [1/5 definitions]
air pressure the force of air on things. Air pressure has to do with how much force air has when it has been compressed into a space like a tire. It is also the pressure of the earth's atmosphere.
-al1 a suffix that means "of" or "having to do with."
all-around able to do many different things.
American of or having to do with the United States, or its people or language. [2/5 definitions]
antarctic of or having to do with the South Pole.
ape a mammal in the group of primates, which includes chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas, and orangutans. Apes do not have tails. They have very flexible hands and feet. Apes range in size from three to six feet tall, and they can weigh up to 450 pounds. Apes live in the forests in Africa and Asia. [1/2 definitions]
appointment an arrangement to meet or to do something. [1/3 definitions]
approach to begin to work on; prepare to do. [1/6 definitions]
Arab of or having to do with the Arabian countries. [1/4 definitions]
Arabian of, having to do with, or characteristic of Arabia or its desert climate. [1/3 definitions]
Arabic of or having to do with Arabia or Arabs; Arabian. [1/2 definitions]
arctic (often capitalized) of or having to do with the region around the North Pole. [1/3 definitions]