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amuse to hold the interest of in a pleasant way; entertain. [1/2 definitions]
anyhow in any way at all. [1/2 definitions]
anything in any way; at all. [1/3 definitions]
apostrophe1 a punctuation mark ('). It is used to show where one or more letters or numbers have been left out. "Wouldn't" for "would not" and "'87" for "1987" use apostrophes this way. [2/3 definitions]
appearance the way in which someone is dressed or groomed. [1/4 definitions]
application a way of being used. [1/4 definitions]
approach a way of entering or coming near. [2/6 definitions]
architecture the style or way of building. [1/2 definitions]
arrangement the act of putting things in order or in some particular way that is desired. [3/5 definitions]
arrow a sign shaped like an arrow. An arrow is used to point out a place or show which way to go. [1/2 definitions]
article the words "a," "an," and "the." They are used with nouns and limit the way nouns can be used. [1/4 definitions]
articulate able to speak or express oneself in a clear way. [2 definitions]
as1 in the same way or manner that; to the same degree that. [1/7 definitions]
ascent a way leading up; upward slope. [1/2 definitions]
aspect a way in which something can be seen or considered. [1/4 definitions]
assembly line a way of putting together a product in a factory by moving it along a line of workers. Each worker adds or adjusts a part until the product is finished.
assume to put on in a false way; pretend. [1/3 definitions]
at all in the smallest amount; in any way.
attach to connect (oneself to others) in an emotional way. [1/3 definitions]
attention a way in which a person stands in the military, with the body straight, the legs and feet together, and the eyes looking forward. [1/4 definitions]
attitude a way of feeling or thinking about something or someone. [1/2 definitions]