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addition the arithmetic operation of finding the total of two or more numbers. [1/3 definitions]
alloy a substance made by mixing two or more metals or a metal and another substance.
alternate to move back and forth between two or more places, actions, or conditions (usually followed by "between"). [2/7 definitions]
alternative one of two or more choices. [1/3 definitions]
amount the sum of two or more quantities; total. [1/3 definitions]
angle1 the figure made by two lines coming from a single point. [1/4 definitions]
ark (sometimes capitalized) in the Bible, the large boat built by Noah to save his family and two of every animal from a flood sent by God. [2 definitions]
atrium either of the two upper compartments of the heart; auricle. Blood returning from the body flows into the atria, which pump the blood to the ventricles, the lower compartments of the heart. [1/2 definitions]
average the number gotten by adding two or more quantities and then dividing that result by the number of quantities added. [1/7 definitions]
backgammon a board game played by two people. The players throw dice and move their pieces around and then off the board.
balance an instrument for weighing objects that has two flat pans hanging from or resting on a bar; scales. [1/6 definitions]
bar1 a vertical line that marks the beginning or end of a measure of music, or the music between two of these lines. [1/10 definitions]
barrow1 a flat frame used for carrying a load. A barrow has two handles at each end or handles at one end and a wheel at the other; wheelbarrow.
baseball a game played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players each, the object being to score runs by advancing runners around four bases. [1/2 definitions]
basketball a game played on a court by two teams of five players each. Points are scored by shooting the ball through a high metal hoop and net at the opponent's end of the court. [1/2 definitions]
bat2 a small mammal that flies. Bats have small bodies and large wings covered with skin. Most bats eat at night, when they use sound to find and catch flying insects. Bats are found in most parts of the world. There are around one thousand kinds of bats. Their wingspans range from less than two inches to more than five feet. Some kinds of bats live in large colonies that roost in caves or in a section of forest.
battle a fight between two armed persons or forces during a war. [1/4 definitions]
bench a long seat for two or more people. [1/4 definitions]
between by the shared effort of two people. [1/5 definitions]
bi- a prefix that means "two" or "both." [2 definitions]
bicuspid a tooth ending in two points.