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blank a place or space where something is left out or missing. [1/6 definitions]
broad wide; large; full of space. [1/3 definitions]
cage a box or space closed in by wire or bars, used to keep and display animals or birds. [1/4 definitions]
camper a motor vehicle that is used as a living space while camping. [1/2 definitions]
canopy a large piece of fabric that is held up by poles and hangs over a space. [1/2 definitions]
capacity the amount that can be held in a particular space. [1/3 definitions]
celestial of or having to do with the sky or outer space. [1/2 definitions]
cell any small, hollow space within a larger group of hollow spaces. [1/4 definitions]
charcoal the solid, black form of carbon made by burning wood or other matter in a space with very little oxygen. [1/2 definitions]
clearance the space between things that keeps them from striking against each other. [1/2 definitions]
close near in space or time. [1/14 definitions]
cockpit a low, open area near the stern of a boat with space for the person steering, the crew, and passengers. [1/2 definitions]
column one of two or more vertical sections of a page or chart separated by lines or by white space. [1/4 definitions]
comet an object in space that travels around the sun. A comet is made up of dust and gas, and sometimes forms a long, bright tail.
compact1 taking up a small amount of space. [1/6 definitions]
compress to press into less space; squeeze closely together. [1/3 definitions]
concession the renting or lending of space within a building or other property for a specific purpose. [1/4 definitions]
court an open space surrounded by buildings or walls; courtyard. [1/8 definitions]
craft a boat, ship, airplane, or space vehicle, or any group of these together. [1/4 definitions]
cram to force into a space that is too small; stuff. (usually followed by "inside," "into," or "down.") [1/3 definitions]
deep having great space below or behind a certain point; reaching far down or back; not shallow. [1/7 definitions]